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  • Speak naturally, and get accurate notes according to your preferences.  
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Features that matter most to doctors.

Suki understands context and intent, so it knows to use “peroneal”, not “perineal”, when you're treating a patient's leg.

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What Doctors Say.

“The learning curve was not bad at all..with Athena it was seamless...within a week I was very comfortable with it.”  

- Dr. Dodd

Central Virginia Family Physicians Medical Group

"The note would comeback clean and perfect…The accuracy is just amazing.”

"I totally recommend [Suki], the return on investment is just amazing, before I would be spending at least four hours on a Saturday and four or five hours on a Sunday catching up on notes, and I don’t do that anymore. I basically have my weekends back.” 

- Dr. Barrios

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

"We use Suki to give our doctors time back in their day. It has reduced the time our doctors spend on documentation by approximately 40%. As an organization, we could not be happier."

- Dr. Behr

Medical Director at OrthoAtlanta

Let doctors focus on what matters.

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