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Get administrative tasks done quickly and easily.

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Just speak.

Suki's AI delivers industry-leading accuracy and gets smarter with each interaction. Clinicians finish their notes an average of 76% faster.

  • Suki, create a clinic note.

    Notes are generated to your preferences.

  • Suki, insert my normal review of systems.

    Complete your notes by speaking naturally.

  • Suki, change respiratory to cough and shortness of breath.

    Make edits by voice.

Suki's skills.

Suki Assistant integrates with common EHRs to streamline tedious workflows. Use Suki for:

  • Clinical documentation

  • Information retrieval

  • Diagnosis coding

  • Dictating anywhere

A seamless experience across platforms.

iOS & Android

Use anywhere with an internet connection.


Full Assistant experience in a larger form factor.


Dictation and commands for any field or application.

Suki Assistant helps clinicians across dozens of specialties.

  • Family Medicine
  • OB/Gyn
  • Orthopedics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Rheumatology
  • Pulmonology
  • General Surgery
  • + many more

What Clinicians say.

  • “You guys are dead on with this thing. For the first time ever, I left work on time last week with no notes to do, and my notes are so much more comprehensive that it blows my mind.”

    - Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Gastroenterology

  • "I've been practicing for 35 years and have used an EMR since 1995. Suki has been the best thing I've ever come across. It has saved me so much time."

    - Dr. Anita Montes, OB/Gyn

  • "I use it for every single note and I finish them all by the end of my day.”

    - Dr. Cody Bogema, Family Medicine

Industry-leading accuracy.

  • Just speak your notes. Suki Assistant listens and documents with industry-leading accuracy.

  • Optional enhanced review is available to fix errors and formatting issues. Data is tagged for machine learning, so Suki Assistant learns your preferences.

  • Notes are returned for your review and sign-off.

Supports E&M documentation requirements.

Suki is designed for narrative-style documentation, an ideal way for physicians to communicate their clinical thinking to justify E&M levels.

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