Suki Assistant helps health systems increase revenue.

12% more encounters + 19% lower claims denial rates = increased revenue.

Physicians who use Suki Assistant see more patients because they create highly detailed clinical notes, in less time.

  • Suki Assistant understands natural language and learns the clinician's preferences, creating notes an average of 76% faster.

Suki, insert a normal physical exam.

Documents to the physician's preferences, faster.

Suki Value Calculator.

See how much value Suki Assistant can generate for your organization.

Yearly value generated
Yearly value generated per provider
Total administrative time (hours) saved per week

The value estimates are based on documented Suki Assistant improvements to encounter volumes, claims denials rates, and other factors.

Based on the assumptions entered, Suki estimates:
$0 from increased encounter volumes
$0 from reduced claims denial rates
$0 from reduced burnout and other factors

This calculator is provided for reference only.
It is not a guarantee of actual results.

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