Best-in-class voice platform that powers natural, intuitive voice UIs for healthcare.

An accurate, natural,
and fast voice experience.

Suki Speech Platform powers our award-winning voice assistant and enables healthcare organizations to offer a more invisible and assistive experience for their users.

Intent extractor.

No more memorizing rote commands. Trained on a robust healthcare dataset, our intent extractor understands natural language with an industry-leading 99% accuracy.


Highly accurate automatic speech recognition. Trained on specialty-specific language models and can be easily customized for specific use cases.

Built with cutting-edge AI.

Simplified state machine.

Uses the latest advances in natural language processing to alternate between semantic (commands) and syntactic (dictation) speech.

Leading intent model and slot extraction pipeline.

Uses a combination of transfer learning and training neural network models to accurately handle wide variations in language.

Comprehensive training dataset.

With millions of training records across specialties, you get industry-leading accuracy out of the box and increasing accuracy with use.

One platform.
Many applications.

Use our cutting edge healthcare voice technology to:

  • Power EMRs with voice
  • Make healthcare voice experiences natural and flexible
  • Build voice interaction for any healthcare app

Why choose Suki Speech Platform?

Intuitive voice UI.

Flexible; adapts to your users’ natural way of speaking.

Healthcare focused.

Accurately recognizes medical vocabulary and healthcare terminology.


Add your custom vocabulary to the existing language models.

Easy to deploy.

Easy-to-use APIs to implement commands without any background in machine learning.

Use Suki Speech Platform to power your product with voice.

Schedule time to learn how Suki can help you create a best-in-class voice experience for your product.