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Help us make doctors’ lives better

We are building a voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors.  We believe the future of AI in medicine is invisible and assistive. We want to give our users superpowers to make them happier and more productive while solving one of the biggest problems in healthcare.  Come join us on this journey.

Remember the last time you went to the doctor?

Was your doctor typing away on their laptop?  Did they have their back turned to you?  This is all too common!  Our doctors are forced to use record-keeping technology that takes a ton of their time and gets in the way of the good doctor/patient relationship we all want.  Join Suki and let’s fix this.

What will you do?

Make Suki Smart

Work on our AI and ML team to help us adapt to our users instead of making them adapt to us

Make Suki Listen

Work on our voice team to use industry leading NLP and help us build on our voice-enabled digital assistant

Work on our platform team and ensure that Suki can process hundreds of thousands of patient encounters daily

Make Suki Scale

Join our application team and build the product our doctor’s use every day on mobile and web.

Make Suki Come to Life

Work on our sales or marketing teams and help us get Suki in the hands of doctors and make them successful

Get Suki to Market

Help our product team define, plan and produce a world class healthcare product

Define Suki

Make our UI easy to use and our design a thing of beauty

Make Suki Simple & Beautiful

Join our G&A teams (legal, HR, finance, and administrative)  and help build a company like no other.

Build a Better Suki Inside & Out

Work on our operations team and help doctors get the most out of Suki

Champion our Doctors

Work on our tech integrations team and help Suki connect to other healthcare tech.

Make Suki Connect

Why does this matter?

Doctor burnout is a significant public health crisis

The #1 cause of burnout is administrative tasks, of which clinical notes are the most time consuming

Doctors that use Suki spend 58% less time on clinical notes

The data Suki processes can be the bedrock for rethinking the entire healthcare tech stack and making it invisible and assistive

Our Culture

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have taken up the challenge of rethinking the state of healthcare tech. We are approaching this problem thoughtfully and with all the speed and agility that technology brings to bear. We are partners in this journey. We have very high standards when it comes to our work, people, and decisions. And we are committed to building a happy, fun team that works hard, laughs a lot, and cares deeply for each other.


Health Insurance
Health, Vision, Dental benefits - so you can focus on what matters

Free lunch and snacks - so that there is ample fuel for thought

Regular parties and outings  - so we get out and get to know each other

Melting pot of backgrounds
We are lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists

Unlimited Vacation
To recharge and refresh on your schedule

Great Culture
A team of warm, humble, high performance entrepreneurs

Current Career Opportunities

2018 Suki Company Offsite in Lake Tahoe

Contact Us

If you are interested in a demo of Suki, please send us a message.

Currently hiring for Redwood City, CA, office only.
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