Our Technology

The intersection of AI/ML, natural language processing, and healthcare.

We are a leading edge technology company.

Our team is made up of the best minds in the business, building better solutions for healthcare providers.

  • Suki understands context and learns your preferences. The more you use Suki, the more it adapts to your style.

Suki, I did a normal physical exam.

Note is updated with your standard exam details.

What happens when you issue a command to Suki?

We’ve built Suki with a beautiful, easy to use interface, but behind the interface there’s a lot of technology. In fact, it’s like a well conducted orchestra. Let’s take a look.

100% Secure and HIPAA Compliant.

Suki uses industry-leading security tools to protect customers. All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest with modern ciphers and maximum strength cryptography. Run-time analysis is conducted to detect anomalies or suspicious software behavior, to protect against breaches.

How is Suki different from other voice assistants?

Understanding Context

Suki understands context of the doctor's practice and learns the doctor's preferences. Suki determines intent and accurately selects from similar terms (e.g., peroneal vs. perineal) to create 100% accurate notes.

Information Retrieval

Suki performs tasks beyond note creation. Suki integrates with the EHR so doctors can ask Suki to pull patient information, such as the medication list or vital signs.

Creating Orders

Suki creates orders for doctors, based on their prescribing patterns.  Suki's AI learns preferred dosages, refill amounts, and more, and uses this to generate the order.  The doctor simply needs to review and sign off.

Let doctors focus on what matters.

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