Want more time with patients and less time with computers?

AI powered voice assistant built for healthcare

  • Generates notes ambiently
  • Takes dictation and commands
  • Simplifies coding
  • Answers questions
  • Deep EHR integrations

Save time

Suki saves you time on the most common clinical tasks, reducing clinical documentation time by 72% and improving the practice experience.

One solution

With Suki, clinicians can easily create notes in ambient, dictation, or command modes with a single application.

Enterprise-grade integrations

Suki's bidirectional EHR integrations give clinicians flexibility and convenience when creating notes. Content is synced between Suki and the EHR so notes always have the most up to date information.

Meaningful ROI

With more time for patient care, increased documentation quality, and reduced burnout, Suki makes an impact where it matters most to you.

Deepest EHR integrations.

Suki has partnered with the leading EHRs to build the most advanced integrations on the market. Start your note in the EHR and finish it in Suki, or vice versa. You have the ultimate flexibility in how to document.

"With Suki ambient documentation, I can pull the pieces and parts from ambient as well as maintain the other pieces I use in Epic. The ambient generated content flows into Epic seamlessly into my note."

- Dr. Bobby Dupre, Rheumatology

"The documentation part is really nice, but there are other parts that help it go smoothly. Suki also pulls in the vitals, the medications, the past problems from the EHR. Those seconds and minutes add up."

- Dr. Elizabeth Goff, Family Medicine

Our solutions.

Suki Assistant

Clinical assistant with deep EHR integrations


per user per month

Suki Compose

Enterprise-grade clinical documentation app


per user per month

Does not include EHR integration

Our customers.

"The technology and accuracy of Suki is mindblowing. My notes have always been very wordy, and its ambient technology captures the essence both accurately and concisely. It allows me to be fully present with my patients instead of focusing on taking notes."

- Dr. Ana Urukalo, Podiatry

"Recently our internet provider was down so we lost access to our EMR, but I had access to Suki and could continue to do my notes and then push them over after. I don't see the point in using another vendor that doesn't integrate with your most expensive product, which is your EMR."

- Dr. Jeremy Screws, Pediatric Gastroenterology

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