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Suki is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors. We want to give our users superpowers to make them happier and more productive while solving some of the biggest problems in healthcare.

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Let doctors focus on what matters.

We've built Suki and our team with the promise of service, passion, and reliability at the forefront. Suki invisibly assists in the exam room, the operating room, or the office to lift the administrative burden from doctors.

Suki, create an annual exam note for Jennifer Miller.

Voice enabled commands help you focus on patients, not computers.

Just speak

Suki's AI delivers industry-leading accuracy and gets smarter with each interaction. Doctors finish their notes an average of 76% faster.

  • Suki, create a follow up note.

    Understands context without a click.

  • Suki, show me the patient's problem list.

    At a glance when you need it.

  • Suki, I did a normal review of systems.

    Generates the note to your preferences.

Designed for doctors.

We built Suki by listening to, and working with doctors.

  • Speak naturally to tell Suki what to do.

  • Use Suki to dictate notes, retrieve info, and more.

  • Suki works with your EHR so you don’t have to.

  • Data security and HIPAA compliance are our top priority

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Let doctors focus on what matters.

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