Your clinicians want to care for patients. Not type reports.

Suki Assistant is an enterprise-grade AI assistant that’s health system approved.

Suki Assistant.

Saves clinicians time so they can focus on their patients.

  • Generates notes ambiently
  • Does dictation
  • Recommends codes
  • Answers questions

Enterprise-grade AI assistant for clinicians.

Health systems across the country trust Suki.

A true assistant.

Suki does ambient documentation, dictation, ICD-10 and HCC coding, and answers questions, all in one solution. And it’s available for iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

Deepest integration with all major EHRs.

Blend note content. Pull dynamic data. Incorporate up to date info. Suki sets the standard for what’s possible for EHR integrations. No one else comes close.

AI that's safe.

Designed to minimize the risk of hallucinations and bias, and ensures content is clinician-reviewed before it’s sent to the EHR. We’re also SOC2 Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant.

Scales with the largest health systems.

Suki serves some of the biggest health systems across the country, reliably and dependably. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 clinicians, we can support you.

Hassle-free partnership.

We lead the entire process, from implementation to ongoing support, with minimal resources needed from your organization. Plus, we're available 24/7/365.

Proven ROI, fast.

Suki helps health systems achieve incremental revenue in a variety of ways, from higher reimbursements to additional encounters. Clients are ROI positive by month 2.

The most advanced EHR integrations available.

Only Suki has bidirectional, read/write capabilities with all leading EHRs. Prechart in the EHR and finish in Suki. Pull the latest vitals from the EHR into the note. Send the completed note back to the EHR. Clinicians have ultimate convenience and flexibility when they document with Suki.
"With Suki ambient documentation, I can pull the pieces and parts from ambient as well as maintain the other pieces I use in Epic. The ambient generated content flows into Epic seamlessly into my note."

- Dr. Bobby Dupre, CMIO, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

“A while back, our internet provider was down so we lost complete access to our EMR, but I had access to Suki and could continue to do my notes in the ambient fashion and then push them over after. I don't see the point in using another vendor that doesn't integrate with your most expensive product, which is your EMR.”

- Dr. Jeremy Screws, Hattiesburg Clinic

Health systems across the country choose Suki.

Suki vs. the incumbent.

Being a trusted partner to health systems doesn’t happen overnight. Only two companies have made the investments - Suki and the established incumbent. How do they stack up?


Established incumbent

A true assistant

Suki does ambient notes, coding, dictation, and answers questions in one solution.
Want ambient documentation and dictation? You’ll have to purchase (and maintain) two separate solutions.

EHR integration

Deepest EHR integration on the market with bidirectional, read/write capabilities with all major EHRs.
Integrates with only five fields in Epic. Content for other fields must be copied and pasted. Not integrated with other EHRs.

AI Safety

Designed to minimize the risk of hallucinations and bias, and ensures content is clinician-reviewed before it’s sent to the EHR.
No published policies on AI safety.

Hassle-free partnership

Suki drives implementation and deployment with minimal IT support. We’re also available 24/7/365.
Limited service and support.

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A new vision of AI for healthcare.

We believe the first significant manifestation of AI for healthcare will be an assistive layer that sits on top of all healthcare technology. Armed with full medical context plus cutting-edge capabilities, it will redefine what it means to be an assistant.

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