Pure software, at the cutting edge of tech.

Suki uses the latest technologies to reduce the time it takes to complete the most common clinical tasks, saving hours of time a week and improving the clinician experience.

Our approach to AI.

Plumbing matters.

Starting with an enterprise-grade cloud platform that’s secure and compliant, Suki built deep EHR integrations that support clinical workflows for all clinicians. Scalable infrastructure ensures that Suki can partner with organizations of all sizes.

One solution.

The only assistant on the market, Suki provides dictation, commands, ambient, coding, and Q&A in one app. Clinicians have the ultimate flexibility to complete tasks in a variety of ways, on any device, with a single solution. 

AI that assists clinicians.

AI should streamline tasks for clinicians, not make them passive consumers of output. Clinicians use an intuitive, consumer-grade interface to accept, reject, or edit generated chart content in real time using their preferred workflow.

Pure software.

Suki’s commitment from the beginning was to work at the leading edge of technology and not rely on humans behind the scenes. This keeps our solutions affordable across specialties and ensures rapid innovation as technologies evolve.

Powered by the latest technology.

Learn more about the innovative technology that powers our award-winning experience.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Suki uses medically-tuned ASRs to power our dictation skills with industry-leading accuracy.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU lets Suki users speak naturally, rather than memorizing rote commands, and Suki responds with the requested action or answer.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With NLP, Suki takes the text of the problem and matches it to the most relevant ICD-10 code, saving clinicians time looking up codes.

Generative AI

Generative AI powers Suki’s ambient note creation and form filling functionality that helps clinicians save time on clinical documentation.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Suki combines proprietary clinical data with medically tuned LLMs to automatically create a note suggestion for a patient encounter.

What our customers are saying.

"We’re excited by Suki’s ability to accommodate multiple modes in a single solution. This approach gives our clinicians flexibility in their workflows and also gives our practice flexibility in a single solution that in the past would have required two to three separate tools."

- Jack Bretcher, COO of PartnerMD

How is Suki different from other voice assistants?


With structured data from more than 1 million patient records from 35+ specialties, Suki can apply its own language model to LLMs for increased accuracy and personalization.

EHR integrations.

Suki syncs the clinical note to the right sections in the EHR, pulls relevant patient information in real-time, and supports flexible workflows.

Beyond documentation.

Suki can be used for clinical documentation, diagnosis coding, real-time information retrieval, and to complete administrative tasks seamlessly across form factors.

Partner for long term success.

Best in class technology is matched with best in class customer support for successful deployments, increased adoption, demonstrated results, and happy clinicians.

Deep EHR partnerships.


Suki Launches Ambient API Integration with Epic


Suki Becomes First to Launch Deep Ambient Integration Across Multiple EHRs


Suki and MEDITECH Partner to Use the Power of Generative AI to Tackle Administrative Burden

Secure and HIPAA compliant.

Suki uses industry-leading security tools to protect customers. All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest with modern ciphers and maximum strength cryptography. Run-time analysis is conducted to detect anomalies or suspicious software behavior, to protect against breaches. Suki has also received SOC2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications.

Powered by Suki Speech Platform.

The most intelligent and responsive voice platform in healthcare. Suki Speech Platform uses cutting edge AI to understand a wide variety of commands - no more memorizing. Speak naturally and Suki will get it done.