Pure software, at the cutting edge of tech.

Our philosophy for AI.

Plumbing matters.

Deep EHR integrations, scalable infrastructure, and compliant. Suki is secure, robust, and works with all EHRs.

AI should assist clinicians.

AI should streamline tasks for clinicians, not make them passive consumers of output.

One solution.

All modes: dictation, commands, and ambient available in a single solution so users have flexibility in how to use it.

Pure software.

Powered by tech, not people, and more affordable as a result.

How is Suki different from other voice assistants?

Understands context.

Suki understands context of the clinician's practice and learns the clinician's preferences. Suki determines intent and accurately selects from similar terms (e.g., peroneal vs. perineal) to create high-quality notes.

More than dictation.

Suki integrates with the EHR so clinicians can ask Suki to pull patient information, such as the medication list or vital signs, easily create problem-based notes and add ICD-10 codes.


Suki works seamlessly across iOS, Android, web, and Windows devices. Use Suki on any device with an internet connection and complete notes untethered from the EHR.


Clinicians can use Suki in ambient, dictation, or command modes, depending on what works best for their workflows and particular situations.

Secure and HIPAA compliant.

Suki uses industry-leading security tools to protect customers. All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest with modern ciphers and maximum strength cryptography. Run-time analysis is conducted to detect anomalies or suspicious software behavior, to protect against breaches. Suki has also received SOC2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications.

Powered by Suki Speech Platform.

The most intelligent and responsive voice platform in healthcare. Suki Speech Platform uses cutting edge AI to understand a wide variety of commands - no more memorizing. Speak naturally and Suki will get it done.