Suki Assistant can help deliver value to your organization.

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With Suki Assistant, you get:

  • Increased efficiency & capacity. Suki reduces documentation time by 72% on average, giving physicians more time for patient care.
  • Higher documentation quality. Suki helps physicians capture more detailed notes, supporting higher reimbursement rates and fewer denied claims.
  • Physician satisfaction. Users report less documentation burden and fewer symptoms of burnout, helping them stay in practice longer.

Schedule a meeting to discuss how Suki can help your organization.

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What clinicians say.

“The beautiful thing about Suki is the learning curve. It was not bad at all. It didn’t require any new computer programs or any new major add-ons from our standpoint with Athena, which is the EHR we’re using. So it was seamless really to get it started."

"Even my more technically challenged partners have really adapted nicely to it and very quickly. Within a week I was very comfortable with it.” 

- Dr. Jarrett Dodd
Central Virginia Family Physicians Medical Group

"The note would come back clean and perfect…The accuracy is just amazing.”

"I totally recommend [Suki], the return on investment is just amazing, before I would be spending at least four hours on a Saturday and four or five hours on a Sunday catching up on notes, and I don’t do that anymore. I basically have my weekends back.”

- Dr. Carlos Barrios
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist