Create best-in-class AI and voice experiences for your solution.

The engine that powers the award-winning Suki Assistant is at your disposal.

Suki Platform powers Suki Assistant, known for its world-class ambient documentation, natural voice interaction, and medically-tuned dictation capabilities.  Suki Platform is available for partners looking to augment their solutions with AI and voice.


Telehealth solutions

Medical devices


Supercharge your solution with AI and voice.

Ambient documentation.

Suki listens to the patient-clinician conversation and automatically generates a suggested note.


Suki suggests ICD-10 codes and pulls in applicable HCC codes.

Voice commands.

Suki lets users navigate and complete tasks by speaking naturally.


Suki is medically-tuned for best-in-class accuracy. Use it to dictate edits to clinical documentation, or in any field.

Form filling.

Suki lets users complete forms by voice.

Two options for developers.


Embed Suki Assistant’s full set of skills within your solution, creating a seamless experience for clinicians.  Includes UI components and audio capture and transmission.


Embed select skills, like ambient documentation, in your solution to create a more powerful experience for your users.  UI components not included, host solution sends audio to Suki for processing.

Benefits of Suki Platform.

Access cutting-edge tech.

Suki’s patented technology leverages the latest capabilities of AI and voice. Plus, it’s tuned for healthcare to deliver best-in-class accuracy.

Seamless user experience.

Users access Suki’s skills directly from your solution, so it fits in seamlessly into their workflows.

Happier users.

Suki users report higher levels of satisfaction with their EHRs, their documentation workload, and their jobs.

Suki partners with the leaders in healthcare technology.

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