Suki Assistant delivers real ROI for health systems.

Suki solves your organization’s problem list.

With economic pressure on health systems and documentation burden driving clinicians out of medicine, Suki Assistant can help organizations tackle their most pressing issues.

Burned-out doctors.

Dissatisfied patients.

Thin margins.

Bad data.

The Suki Assistant impact.

Increased efficiency & capacity.

Suki reduces documentation time by 72% on average, giving physicians more time for patient care.

Increase revenue with higher-documentation quality.

Suki helps physicians capture more detailed notes, supporting higher reimbursement rates and fewer denied claims.

Increase physician satisfaction & retention.

Users report less documentation burden and fewer symptoms of burnout, helping them stay in practice longer.

More bandwidth for patient care.

Suki users have 5% higher encounter volumes, generating $21K incremental annual revenue per user.

Faster time to revenue.

Suki users have 35% lower amended encounter rates, so reimbursements are received more quickly.

ROI positive quickly.

Suki pays for itself with less than 2 additional encounters per month.

One singular solution that can do it all.

Generates notes ambiently

Takes dictation and commands

Simplifies coding

Deep EHR integrations

Suki Assistant lets doctors focus on what they love to do - taking care of patients.

See why clinicians love Suki and what they say about the impact on their practice.

Suki Assistant is the only true AI-powered voice assistant for healthcare.

Tech-driven innovation is the only affordable and scalable way to tackle administrative burden.

Specialty agnostic.

Suki supports doctors across 30+ specialties.

Highly personalized.

Suki learns from each interaction to get more accurate, predictive, and assistive.

Tasks completed 
in real time.

Human review not required.


Price starts at $199/user/month, so Suki’s costs are covered by less than 2 additional visits per month.

With minimal IT resources needed, Suki is easy to deploy.

Learn how our team handles the integration, so your team can focus on their top priorities.

Want a more detailed analysis?

Set up time with our team to see how Suki Assistant can deliver value for your organization.