Help us make doctors’ lives better.

We believe the future of technology in medicine is invisible and assistive. We want to lift the administrative burden from doctors so they can focus on caring for patients, not filling out forms.

Why does it matter?

At your last doctor’s visit, was your doctor typing away on a laptop? Did they have their back turned to you? This is all too common. Doctors are forced to use record-keeping technology that takes a ton of time and gets in the way of good doctor-patient relationships.

Solving doctor burnout.

Doctor burnout is a significant public health crisis. The # 1 cause of burnout is administrative tasks, and doctors are spending 2 hours on these tasks for every hour of patient care.

Making a difference, today.

Our technology improves lives, everyday. Doctors who use Suki spend an average of 72% less time on documentation.

Using cutting-edge technology.

Suki is powered by AI, ML, and NLP and is constantly learning and adapting to best assist the doctor.

We love working at Suki.

Health insurance.

Full healthcare benefits, including medical, vision, and dental.

Unlimited vacation.

Time to recharge and refresh on your schedule.

Melting pot of backgrounds.

We are lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists. We value diversity and how different perspectives make our work better.

Team building activities.

Regular events and onsites, so we get out and get to know each other.

Free food.

Free lunch and snacks, so that there is ample fuel for thought.

Great culture.

A team of warm, humble, high-performance entrepreneurs.

Our values.

Every pixel is in the service of the doctor.

We value the central role of doctors in improving the lives of others. We empower doctors to focus on treating patients without distractions. We deliver joy by creating beautiful products & solutions to serve the needs of doctors.

Deliver quickly, but think long term.

We believe Suki has a central role to play in reimagining healthcare. We dream big and aren't afraid of complex challenges. We deliver quickly & steadily against our objectives, with an emphasis on quality.

Always be learning.

We encourage thoughtful curiosity and asking the extra question. We learn through others and embrace all thoughts and backgrounds. We seek out best practices and learn from the experiences of others.

Build a team of champions.

We attract, promote and retain the finest people. We thrive on accountability and meet our commitments to one another. We support one another and put our team first. We appreciate that a healthy personal life is crucial to being our best.

Walk the right path.

We appreciate the importance of trust in healthcare. We do the right thing even if there’s a short-term incentive to do otherwise. We debate options, but fully support our final decisions.


Culture at Suki.

We work hard, but we also make plenty of time to celebrate together in and out of the office. 

Work with us.

We are an entrepreneurial team, approaching big problems with speed and agility. We see each other as partners on an exciting journey, and hold ourselves and one another to high standards. We work hard, but make time to laugh and care for one another.