Schedule integration isn’t EHR integration.

Truly EHR integrated.

Other solutions claim to be EHR integrated but can only pull in schedule details. Suki is different. We’ve partnered with EHRs for years, and have also developed our own IP along the way. For us, EHR integration means:

Blending note content.

Document in the EHR or Suki. Suki blends the content from both so notes are up to date with the latest details.

Pulling dynamic data.

Patient information can change at any time. Suki pulls the latest updates, like vitals, from the EHR into the note.

Seeing important information. 

You need to see more than your schedule. With Suki, you can easily see dozens of patient details, from lab results to allergies.

No copy/paste. 

When the note is done, send it back to the EHR with a tap. Suki will update the relevant sections in seconds.

See how we integrate with major EHRs.

True EHR integration means best-in-class adoption rates.

Clinicians can easily fit Suki into how they work because our deep integrations support a wide variety of workflows. That’s why Suki has some of the best user adoption rates in the industry.

Hassle-free implementation 

Suki leads the implementation and deployment process, with minimal resources needed from your IT team. Implementation times range from 1-12 weeks, depending on the EHR. And we’re available 24/7/365 to provide support.

EHR partnerships.

Beyond integration, we also partner with EHRs to power their ambient documentation and voice experiences.

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