Suki partners with organizations to make healthcare technology assistive and invisible.

Partnership opportunities.

EMR partnerships.

Suki partners with EMRs multiple ways from simple integration to full voice enablement.

Suki Speech Platform.

Create a best-in-class voice experience for your product with Suki Speech Platform.

Medical associations.

Medical associations partner with Suki to help their members reduce physician burnout.

Resell Suki Assistant.

Resell Suki Assistant and create a new revenue stream for your organization.

Partnership benefits.

Proven solution that saves time and increases quality of documentation.

Suki Assistant is proven to help physicians across specialties reduce documentation time by an average of 72%.

Increase usability, user satisfaction, and retention.

Create an intuitive, flexible voice experience for your solution and delight your users.

Increase revenue or create a new revenue stream.

Our partnerships are structured to financially support our partners and give their members exclusive benefits.

The AAFP Innovation Lab studied the impact of Suki on note completion and found significant time savings, increased satisfaction, and decreased feelings of burnout.

Interested in partnering with us?

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