Suki Assistant lets clinicians focus on what they love: taking care of patients.

In service of the clinician.

At Suki, we build every pixel to be in service of the clinician. We help lift the administrative burden, reducing documentation time by an average of 72%.

Clinicians love Suki Assistant and we're proud they've given us a Net Promoter Score of 57.

Easy to learn and use.

Suki Assistant's intuitive design makes using it a snap for any workflow.


Use Suki Assistant on any smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

Onboard in 45 minutes.

Suki Assistant understands natural language, so it's intuitive to learn and use.


Suki Assistant learns your preferences to complete tasks accurately and quickly.

Industry-leading accuracy.

Speak naturally, and Suki Assistant will understand your intent and complete your tasks to your liking.

Happy doctors.

"Not only did Suki increase the quality of my time with patients, but it also improved the quality of my notes. The level of detail in my Suki notes has improved decision making during surgery as well as with post-op care."

- Dr. Alex Ereso, Plastic Surgery

"Very quickly in the visit the computer gets pushed aside, and I get to talk to the patient. I'm connecting with the patient during the visit, not looking at the screen, and patients are getting better care."

- Dr. Elizabeth Goff, Family Medicine

"Using the Suki digital assistant has
been a blessing! We have experienced more than 50% efficiency rates. I am finally able to spend some extra time with my family."

- Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Gastroenterology

"The extra time has made my day more efficient. For instance, I now have the time to really work one-on-one with patients, and I now see double the number of patients per day."

- Dr. Cody Bogema, Family Medicine

"I've been practicing for 35 years  and have used an EMR since '95. Suki has been the best thing I've ever come across. It has saved me so much time."

- Dr. Anita Montes, OB/GYN

"Suki Assistant has helped me reduce my documentation time and enhance the quality of my documentation. Having tried many other transcription and voice solutions in the past, Suki is significantly better - and affordable."

- Dr. Andrew Carroll, Family Medicine

Most flexible clinical workflows.

With Suki you can start your note in the EHR and finish it in Suki, or vice versa. Combined with ambient, dictation, and command modes, the bidirectional EHR integrations create the ultimate workflow flexibility.

Suki Assistant helps clinicians across dozens of specialties.

Family Medicine
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine

Orthopedic Surgery
+ many more

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