Cutting-edge clinical documentation solution that works with all EHRs

Suki Compose: AI-powered clinical documentation app

Generate notes ambiently

Create notes ambiently, or using dictation and commands. The choice is up to you.

Support across specialties

Clinicians in 30+ specialties use Suki to save time on administrative tasks.

Work seamlessly from any device

Easily pick up where you left off from any mobile, web, or desktop device.

Simplify coding

Suki streamlines ICD-10 coding, saving you time.

Use with any EMR

Use Suki Compose to easily create and copy your clinical notes into your EHR.

24/7/365 Support

Ask questions and get help from our Technical Support team anytime.

Suki Compose


per user per month

 after a free trial

Does not include EHR integration

How it works.

Powered by the latest in AI.

Using Suki is as easy as starting the app and speaking. There's a lot of sophisticated engineering powering this simple experience.

Automatic speech recognizer

Suki's ASRs are trained on millions of records, so you get industry-leading accuracy across specialties and accents.

Machine learning

Suki learns your preferences and vocabulary, so it becomes more personalized as you use it.

Large language models

Suki uses generative AI and medically-tuned LLMs to power features like ambient note generation and Q&A.

What users are saying.

"I feel like the pressure I had before is gone. No more stressing over typing or trying to remember all the information I get from patients. My notes are more accurate than ever and patients have already stated that I was more attentive than before."

- Dr. Kamel Sadek, Primary Care

"Suki ambient has completely revolutionized my ability to care for the patient with all the information being gathered in the background on my phone using their product.  Of the different derivations that I am aware of, I personally believe Suki is far above the others in capabilities."

- Dr. Michael Miller, Family Medicine

Looking for an EHR-integrated experience?

Suki Assistant bidirectionally integrates with popular EHRs to create the most robust and flexible experience for clinicians.

Security and data protection.

Suki is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified and uses industry-leading security tools to protect data, including:

  • All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest
  • Only anonymized data is used for model training
  • Recordings are stored in an encrypted and HIPAA compliant cloud, not on local devices
  • Clinician are in 100% control of any suggested note content and are able to easily accept, reject, or make edits to it

Get started.

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