Need an AI assistant that integrates with Meditech?

Deep, bidirectional Meditech integration.

Suki integrates with Meditech so charting is a breeze.

Fits any workflow.

Suki sits on top of Meditech Expanse, so it fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Pull in live data.

Suki can pull the latest information, like your patient schedule, to help speed up documentation.

Send notes back.

Send finished notes to Meditech, where the relevant fields will be updated. Sign off on the note in Meditech and you’re done.

Dictate anywhere.

Suki can also be used to dictate into any field in Meditech Expanse.

Supports clinicians in all settings.




Home Health

Integrate with minimal IT resources.

Suki leads the implementation, which typically takes 4-6 weeks and requires minimal IT support from your organization. IT support may be needed to:
  • Provide sandbox accounts
  • Support build, configuration, and testing
  • Confirm Wifi connectivity

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