About Us

Let doctors focus on what matters.

Physician burnout is an epidemic. Up to 70% of physicians say they experience some level of burnout, and the primary reason is due to the massive amounts of administrative work placed on doctors.

Suki's mission is to lift the administrative burden from doctors. Suki was founded in 2016 by Punit Soni, a former executive at Google, and our team is comprised of clinicians and technologists building a solution based on the real-world needs of doctors. The Suki team has extensive experience designing and developing cutting-edge technology, consumer, healthcare, and enterprise products for companies like Apple, Google, Salesforce, and 23andMe.

Our values.

Be doctor-centric

Think big, think long-term

Build beautiful products

Launch & iterate

Be focused

Be a team of champions

Embrace all thoughts & backgrounds

Walk the right path

Suki, the patient consented to surgery.

This command appears seamless to our users, but it takes the smartest minds in the business to make it happen.

Our Investors.

Suki is backed by premier venture capital firms and investors from healthcare and tech.

Work With Us.

Join our team and help us solve some of the biggest issues in healthcare.

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Let doctors focus on what matters.

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