June 28, 2024

At Suki, our mission is to reimagine healthcare technology, making it invisible and assistive to lift the administrative burden from clinicians. In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to embed Suki’s voice AI capabilities directly into their application. Healthcare solutions including electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth applications, medical devices, and more can now easily incorporate AI voice features directly into their offerings. Bond Vet, a leading provider of veterinary urgent and primary care services in North America, is our first customer to integrate Suki’s SDK into their Vetspire EHR platform to enable ambient documentation.

Currently, Suki customers save hours each day on administrative work, allowing them to focus on what truly matters —taking care of patients — using Suki Assistant. Now, with the introduction of our SDK, healthcare technology developers can easily embed Suki’s capabilities, like ambient documentation, dictation, and more within their applications with minimal code.

“Suki’s ambient technology is a valuable addition for our team, and their responsiveness and easy integration process has proven to be a positive experience all around. It’s exciting to see the productive results our team is experiencing, such as higher levels of satisfaction with the EHR and improving clinicians’ overall experience. By automating processes that used to be time-consuming, Suki allows them to focus more on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to patients.” said Kelly Rusinak, VP of Operations at Bond Vet.

Key Benefits of Suki SDK

  • Ease of Integration: Developers can integrate the Suki SDK in their application with minimal effort, requiring only a few lines of code, ensuring a quick and smooth integration process.
  • Flexibility and Customizability: The Suki SDK offers developers the flexibility to customize the user interface elements to align with their branding guidelines and style of their applications.
  • User Experience: Suki's AI capabilities are available directly within partner applications, which eliminates the need for users to switch contexts. This streamlined workflow enhances efficiency and provides a more intuitive user experience for clinicians.

Our commitment to innovation continues as we are actively developing more advanced features for Suki SDK. By pushing the boundaries, we aim to create a healthcare ecosystem where technology anticipates and meets the needs of care providers.

For more information on the Suki SDK and how to get started, please visit our website.

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