August 2, 2023

Suki is available on iOS, Android, web, and Windows, and I’m very excited to share that it’s now available on Mac! With this launch, Suki is the only voice solution in healthcare that supports every platform and the first healthcare dictation solution for Mac, giving users ultimate flexibility in the devices they can use Suki on. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our clinicians and the release of Suki Dictate on Mac lets us serve an audience that previously had no solution.

The addition of Suki Dictate on Mac addresses two common situations. First, many of our users prefer to use a Mac as their personal computer. Second, there are many practices that choose to use Mac devices. Now with Suki Dictate on Mac, these clinicians can complete their work by voice in any setting - at home, in their practice, or anywhere they have their computer. Users can dictate in any field or application on their computer, use commands to make edits or insert templated content, and generally speed through tasks by voice.

One of our core values is “every pixel is in service of the clinician.” We’ve received a substantial amount of feedback asking for a solution that can work on Mac, and I am proud that we now have incorporated it into a tool to support these clinicians. Dr. John DiGiovanni, family medicine physician at Frederick Primary Care Associates shared:

“I love using Suki’s new Mac app. I use a Windows computer in the clinic and a Mac computer at home. Now I can use voice to quickly and accurately take care of tasks at home. I have been using Suki for a year and have been highly impressed with Suki’s responsiveness to feedback and innovation - they truly take user feedback to heart.”

We love hearing from our users. If you are using Suki Dictate on Mac, please let us know what you think!

All Suki Assistant users have access to Suki Dictate at no additional cost. Suki Dictate is also available as a standalone solution. For more information on how to buy and download the solution, click here.

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