Primary Care

Suki Assistant works for primary care physicians.

From diagnosing and treating to coordinating care, managing the wellness of your patients is complicated. Suki Assistant helps you complete your documentation faster, so you can focus on what matters.

Spend time on patient care, not the EHR.

Your appointments span routine well-visits to treating patients with multiple chronic conditions. Suki Assistant supports you in all your encounters, so you don't have hours of work after your clinic day.

  • Speak your notes, and Suki Assistant takes care of it. Suki AI Assistant helps clinicians reduce documentation time by an average of 76%.

Suki, copy the history from my last note.

Suki Assistant understands and follows your commands.

Features that matter most to primary care physicians.

Speak naturally, and Suki Assistant will complete your tasks quickly and accuracy.

Suki, create a new note for Bob Jones.
Suki, copy the history from my last note.

We're here for you.

We know that documentation is mission critical, and that’s why we’re here to support you no matter what. Reliability guaranteed.

What primary care physicians say.

  • "I use it for every single note and I finish them all by the end of my day.”

    - Dr. Cody Bogema, Family Medicine

  • "I was able to go from 12 minutes per patient note down to around 2 minutes per note. I love having the extra time."

    - Dr. Michael Miller, Family Medicine

  • "I've been practicing for 35 years and have used an EMR since '95. Suki has been the best thing I've ever come across. It has saved me so much time."

    - Dr. Anita Montes, OB/Gyn

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