Suki Speech Service

Suki Speech Service: the most intelligent and responsive voice platform in healthcare.

An accurate, natural, and fast voice experience.

Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs for healthcare solutions.

  • Voice agent

    Incredibly fast. Seamlessly alternates between syntactic and semantic speech, handling natural pauses and multiple commands in quick succession with ease.

  • Intent extractor

    No more memorizing commands. Trained on a robust healthcare dataset, our intent extractor understands natural language at an industry-leading 99.5% accuracy.

  • ASR

    Highly accurate automatic speech recognizer. Trained on specialty-specific language models and can be easily customized for specific use cases.

  • Code Search

    Intelligent and intuitive diagnosis coding. Uses the latest in NLP to accurately return ICD-10 results without requiring the need to memorize complex code names.

Cutting-edge AI.

Simplified state machine

Uses the latest advances in natural language processing to alternate between semantic (commands) and syntactic (dictation) speech.

Leading intent model and slot extraction pipeline

Uses a combination of transfer learning and training neural network models to accurately handle wide variations in language.

Comprehensive training dataset

Contains millions of training records across specialties for industry-leading accuracy out of the box that gets even more accurate with use.

Voice-enable your healthcare solution.

Suki Speech Service is a suite of APIs that powers our award-winning healthcare voice assistant and is used by leading EMR and clinical communications companies to create a best-in-class voice experience.


-Information retrieval. Easily access information like patient medications or allergies.

-EMR navigation. Get to where you need to by simply speaking.

-Orders. Speak your orders, no clicking needed.

-Inbox management. Respond to patient questions, send referral letters, and more by voice.

Clinical Communications
-Call care team members. Just say the name, no need to memorize extensions or phone numbers.

-Broadcast messages to departments. Quickly record and send messages to a department or group.

-Locate the nearest team members. To complete in-person tasks as quickly as possible

-Forward calls. Give the command, and Suki Speech Service will route your calls where you want.

Easy implementation and customization.

  • Modularized plug and play architecture for fast development.

  • Customizable intents and slots for a truly tailored voice experience.

  • Incredibly scalable with minimal intervention, easily handles increases of orders of magnitude.

Use Suki Speech Service to power your product.

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