Reduce physician burnout and increase revenue.

Suki creates high-quality documentation in less time, so clinicians can focus on what matters. Suki is proven to increase revenue by growing encounter volumes and reducing claims denial rates.

Why clinicians choose Suki.

  • App-based. Use Suki on any device with an internet connection.
  • More revenue. Suki is proven to increase encounter volume by 12% and reduce claims denial rates by 19%.
  • On-board in <30 minutes. Suki understands natural language so it’s intuitive to learn and use.
  • Less time on administrative tasks. Suki reduces documentation time by an average of 76%.

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Features that matter most to clinicians.

Suki understands context and intent, so it knows to use “peroneal”, not “perineal”, when you're treating a patient's leg.

Suki, create a new note for Leticia Ramirez.
Suki, copy the history from my last note.

What Clinicians Say.

  • "This extra time has made my day more efficient. For instance, I now have the time to really work one-on-one with patients, and I now see double the number of patients per day."

    - Dr. Cody Bogema, Family Medicine

  • "Using the Suki digital assistant has been a blessing! We have experienced more than 50% efficiency rates. I am finally able to spend some extra time with my family."

    - Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Gastroenterology

  • “Not only did Suki increase the quality of my time with patients, but it also improved the quality of my notes. The level of detail in my Suki notes has improved decision making during surgery as well as with post-op care.”

    - Dr. Alex Ereso, Plastic Surgery