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Suki Assistant is an AI-powered voice assistant that helps you spend less time on administrative tasks.

With Suki Assistant, you:

  • Speak naturally, and get accurate notes according to your preferences.
  • Complete notes an average of 72% faster.
  • Get a constantly learning solution that’s personalized for you.
  • Use it on your smartphone or computer. No hardware required.

Features that matter most to clinicians.

Suki Assistant understands context and intent, so it knows to use “peroneal”, not “perineal”, when you're treating a patient's leg.

Create and edit notes

“Suki, create a new note for Leticia Ramirez.”

“Suki, copy the history from my last note.”

Create and edit notes

“Suki, show me the patient's medications.”

“Suki, show me Ms. Ramirez's medical history.”

Create and edit notes

“Suki, the first problem is incisional hernia.”

“Suki, next problem is tobacco use.”

Create and edit notes

“Ms. Ramirez has a reducible ventral hernia that is affecting her quality of life.”

“Normal ECG - normal sinus rhythm and normal rate.”

What clinicians say.

“The beautiful thing about Suki is the learning curve. It was not bad at all. It didn’t require any new computer programs or any new major add-ons from our standpoint with Athena, which is the EHR we’re using. So it was seamless really to get it started."

"Even my more technically challenged partners have really adapted nicely to it and very quickly. Within a week I was very comfortable with it.” 

- Dr. Jarrett Dodd
Central Virginia Family Physicians Medical Group

"The note would come back clean and perfect…The accuracy is just amazing.”

"I totally recommend [Suki], the return on investment is just amazing, before I would be spending at least four hours on a Saturday and four or five hours on a Sunday catching up on notes, and I don’t do that anymore. I basically have my weekends back.”

- Dr. Carlos Barrios
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist