May 25, 2022

In 2022 we updated our quarterly peer recognition program to honor team members who exemplify our five values. Celebrating our wins and accomplishments is important as we work in an industry as challenging as healthcare. The winners were announced in our last All Hands meeting, and we want to recognize them here too because they reflect the best of what we try to do every day to bring joy back to medicine.

Every pixel is in service of the doctor

Winner Badari Burli (Staff Software Engineer) was recognized by Nitin Gupta who shared how Badari keeps physicians at the center of our work so they can focus on patients. 

“He’s always striving to make our product better. When we faced a significant technical hurdle, he made tremendous efforts to get us past the issue, identified other areas to improve, and implemented them. It was a complex implementation with how data flows, and he pushed it out without a single issue in the code. He’s made a big impact, and we can see the difference in our user feedback.”

Deliver quickly, but think long-term

When a teammate nominated Harish Thuwal (Software Engineer II), they shared how he delivers against his objectives with an emphasis on quality.

“Harish is a computer scientist at heart and is always focused on the long term impact of doing any development from as small as an “if check” in code to full feature design. At the same time, he executes tasks with great pace and a solid technical competency. I’m confident with him on the backend team Suki will reach great heights.”

Always be learning

Dr. Erin Palm recognized the thoughtful curiosity and impact winner Aimee Adamec (Director, Product Management) has made in just a short time since joining Suki.

“I’m so delighted that so many folks on the team recognized the huge and humble contributions that Aimee has been making over the past 5 months at Suki. What a huge task and scope of work she’s taken on. I’m amazed every day at her openness, thoughtfulness, organization, and the impact she’s made in a short period of time. Always be learning is just the best value for a product manager to be exemplifying. Thank you for your leadership, Aimee!”

Be a team of champions

It’s hard to put into words all the ways Kat Downing (Executive Assistant) has supported her fellow Sukinis and put the team first, Punit Soni shared.

“Kat, you’re awesome. The culmination of all of your awesomeness was the offsite. It’s reaching iconic status now with how well done it was. You’re amazing and you’re a big part of this team of champions - you’re helping create it.”

Walk the right path

When Nisheeta Setlur announced Sarah Mintz’s (Enterprise Customer Success Manager) win, she shared how Sarah is a champion for her clients and always does the right thing.

“She’s been working so hard to make sure we’re successful with her clients. Whenever we’re faced with tough decisions, we can count on Sarah to guide us to getting to the right path. She’s so incredibly passionate about the work she does, takes high accountability, and always approaches it with integrity.”

Congratulations to the Q1 winners! And, thank you to the entire team for the work you do every day to lift the administrative burden from doctors.

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