July 21, 2021

At Suki, we take user feedback very seriously and are constantly improving our solutions based on what we hear. We are so excited to announce some new capabilities of Suki AI Assistant that enable users to complete their notes entirely by voice. Now if you make an error in your dictation, or just want to delete it, simply say “Suki, undo that” and your dictated text will be removed.


And because Suki AI Assistant uses the latest in natural language processing, it can understand different variations of the command, like “Suki, scratch that” or “Suki, delete this”. The undo capability is one of the most common requests we get from our users, so we’re happy that it’s now available!

You can also now navigate to any screen in Suki by voice - just say “Suki, go to <screen name>.” Try it to go to the Settings screen, home screen, or anywhere you might need to navigate to. 

One of the top reasons our users tell us they love Suki is for its mobility - they love being able to complete their documentation on the go, untethered from the EHR. These new features make Suki even more mobile, since you can do your notes completely hands-free. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

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