April 2, 2020

We’re pleased to announce the beta release of problem-based notes with ICD-10 coding. Suki is committed to assisting the doctor with administrative tasks that are a necessary but often onerous part of each patient encounter, and entering problems and diagnoses with their corresponding codes is something a majority of doctors do every day.  In most electronic medical records systems this can involve multiple menus and windows and searching for codes. With this new feature, doctors can speed through this process in under half the time they previously spent on this.

The design for problem-based notes is based on the typical way some doctors structure the Assessment and Plan section of their note, where they typically explain their clinical decision-making. Instead of having to stop and look up codes as they relay their thoughts about the patient, doctors can continue uninterrupted as they add problems to their note and describe the plan for each problem. 

The doctor adds a problem by saying a command like, “Suki, the first problem is epigastric pain.”  Then, they can describe their thoughts about the problem and what plans they have for the patient.


If Suki has enough information, it will automatically assign the correct ICD-10 code.


If Suki needs more information, doctors can easily find the correct ICD-10 code with the integrated, AI-powered lookup tool. Any diagnoses that are pre-existing in the EMR for the patient are surfaced at the top of the list.


Problem-based notes with ICD-10 coding is made possible by the extensive training of our proprietary intent extractors and machine learning models.  Doctors can speak normally without the need to memorize complex commands, making it easy for doctors to pick up and use. We expect this feature to save doctors even more time, allowing them to see more patients or go home earlier.  For health systems and doctors in private practice, this will also result in better coding integrity that increases revenue and delivers value directly to the bottom line. This feature furthers our goal of being assistive yet invisible.

Problem-based notes with ICD-10 coding is available in beta to all Suki customers today.  There is nothing to configure. It is available in the app you are currently using. Read this tutorial or contact your account manager to learn more about this feature.

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