July 27, 2023

At Suki, engineers are a key part of our mission to bring joy back to medicine. Our early-career hiring program gives engineers an on-ramp to working with our team right out of college. Here, three of our early-career hires—Gunjas, Pranav, and Thanya, who live and work in India—share their thoughts on what it’s like to work with Suki. 

Recruiting with a mission

For Thanya, Suki’s mission was a big draw. Several companies visited her university campus, all hiring for an Software Development Engineer-1 (SDE-1) role, but she knew she’d found a match when she spoke with Suki’s recruiters. 

In particular, she appreciated that the product makes doctors’ jobs easier, lowering stress and improving the healthcare experience overall. “It’s extremely rewarding to collaborate with doctors to build a product that helps reduce their workload and burnout,” says Thanya. 

After an initial conversation with the Suki talent team, Thanya, Gunjas, and Pranav all had a formal interview and assessments of their programming and technical skills. 

About half of the interview time was devoted to discussing how well the candidates would align with Suki’s culture and values. “It’s not typical in the industry,” notes Gunjas, “and I really appreciated that conversation.”

Candidates received results the following day, so they didn’t have to wait to learn if they were going to move forward. 

The onboarding process was “very well planned,” observed Thanya. At Suki, onboarding is both efficient and fun—complete with games, a team lunch, and activities designed to help new hires get to know their team. “Our first day in the office was very entertaining. It was a really warm welcome,” adds Pranav. 

Flexibility and support

Suki gives early-career hires opportunities to achieve their career goals by working on a variety of tools and platforms and collaborating with colleagues. “I always aspired to work on front-end development, and I’m learning technical skills daily,” says Thanya. She recently began working with Electron, a software framework for creating desktop applications. 

“The learning opportunities here cannot be overstated,” Pranav says. The company encourages employees to join meetings in other departments to learn about areas outside their specialty. Pranav has jumped-in to marketing, customer success, and product meetings, which give him a bigger picture of what the company does and how his work makes an impact. 

New Sukinis benefit from a friendly work environment, with support from seasoned Sukinis. And the company values the input of all team members, no matter how long they’ve been with Suki. “Everyone is super helpful, and it’s a very transparent culture,” Pranav says.

Improving patient care

The new employees enjoy knowing that they’re helping improve the quality of patient care by making doctors’ jobs less stressful. And they see it firsthand, in user feedback from doctors. “All of them are happy with Suki and the effect it has on their lives, and that’s very motivating for us,” Pranav says.

Thanya gives Suki bonus points for its company value of doing good in the world. She enjoys doing work that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. “My message for any new grads is that Suki is a great place to work and contribute to a great product," she says. 

Work with Suki

At Suki, we’re reimagining healthcare tech to solve doctors’ biggest administrative problems and make their jobs easier. We’re always on the lookout for new engineering talent to join our team of champions.

If you’re looking to start a meaningful engineering career, Suki can help you check all the boxes:

  • The opportunity to make a real difference in the healthcare field? Check.

  • The chance to learn on the job and build your skills? Check.

  • Friendly, approachable colleagues who support your growth? Check.

  • Real work-life balance? Check.

Join us to develop your skills and make an impact in healthcare. Visit our Careers page to learn more. 

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