December 12, 2023

2023 has been full of product milestones at Suki. We launched our ambient note generation capability, a native Mac desktop application, bi-directional integration with MEDITECH, and support for in-patient care. And we’re not done yet. I’m delighted to highlight three features in our ‘23 Winter Release that will continue to enhance the utility and improve the user experience for our Suki Assistant customers - HCC coding, quick data view, and updated patient search. Read on to learn more about our latest enhancements.

HCC coding

Building on our existing ability to streamline adding ICD-10 codes to problems, Suki now supports Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding. The new capability pulls in the applicable HCC codes for the problems you document, so you can more easily capture relevant details in your notes.

By showing which problems have HCC codes, clinicians are able to see which areas may require additional documentation, reducing some of the cognitive burden while charting. Dr. Kamel Sadek, Director of Informatics at a national primary care organization, shares how much clinicians are balancing as they document and the impact he sees from the new HCC coding feature.

"Shifts in payment models, especially in value based care, have made specificity of coding and completeness of documentation more important than ever before. This can prove challenging for providers juggling multiple priorities while trying to remain efficient. Suki's ambient technology has already freed us up to focus on our patient interactions and complete detailed problem capture. The unique addition of HCC exposure within the same solution will allow us to more accurately determine patient risk and provide patient-centric care, all while ensuring we are reimbursed at the appropriate level.”

The new HCC coding capability is available now to users on mobile and web at no additional cost.

Quick data view

Suki's quick data view feature makes accessing critical patient information easier than ever. Clinicians can easily review medication lists, allergies, lab results, medical and surgical histories, and comprehensive vital signs with a tap from the Suki app, eliminating the need to be in the EHR to review critical patient information.

This feature is only possible because of Suki's real-time bidirectional integrations with EHRs. Clinicians can access patient data, documentation history, and create notes on any device and seamlessly synchronize it with the EHR.

The quick data view feature is available now on mobile and web for customers with integrated EHRs.

Improved search functionality

With this most recent release, we’ve created an easy way to search for patients by name or medical record number (MRN). This streamlined and intuitive experience makes it easier and faster to locate patients, view past notes, and start a new note. The updated search functionality is live on our mobile and web form factors for all EHRs.

On the road to a full-fledged clinical assistant

With each of these features, we’ve focused on improvements that make clinicians lives easier by surfacing the clinical data they need in the moment to expedite administrative tasks. . They are important steps on our journey to make Suki the ultimate assistant for clinicians, helping clinicians spend more time on patient care and clinical decision making and less time on clerical work.

It’s an exciting time in healthcare, and I’m looking forward to getting feedback from our customers on these new features as we continue to work to make healthcare technology more invisible and assistive.

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