April 21, 2022
I am very excited to share Suki’s newest set of skills. Suki now understands a variety of “Show me” commands to help doctors find key patient information using voice.
To date, Suki Assistant has focused on streamlining documentation for doctors. This week we introduced a brand-new capability beyond documentation. Suki can now retrieve the patient’s medication list, allergies, past medical and past surgical histories, and an extensive set of vital signs (because as we all know, vital signs are vital!). This is a milestone in making Suki a true assistant for doctors, helping them with a wide range of patient care tasks.
It brought me genuine joy when I first tried the feature. When I said “Suki, show me the blood pressure” and saw that information presented in the app, it felt just like asking Alexa to play my favorite song – except this time, the topic is patient care. Since this is where I spend a lot of emotion and mind share, doing my best for my patients, it’s really fun to see the Suki voice assistant extending its capabilities to meet my needs as a doctor.
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“Show me” commands make this information available on the doctor’s mobile phone, even when they’re not logged into their EMR, because Suki syncs with the EMR in the background so that the latest information is always available.
It’s a deceptively simple feature, and it’s incredibly powerful. Hands-free access to key patient information relieves the cognitive burden of searching and clicking through the patient’s chart, which can be quite tedious. It helps doctors be more informed and present when they are with their patients. It lets them access important patient information wherever they are, whether they are walking the hallways of the hospital or on the sidelines of their child’s baseball game. 
It might even make work more fun.

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