January 4, 2022

Today we are introducing a new capability for our Windows app. Suki Assistant on Windows is now smarter than ever - it now supports commands! Users can insert templated content or undo dictation errors by simply speaking, helping them complete dictation even faster. Use Suki Assistant on Windows anywhere you want to dictate, such as in the EHR or in your inbox. You’ll find the same speed and accuracy you’re used to with our mobile and web apps because the Windows app uses the same advanced NLP and ML techniques. 

Our users have given us great feedback on the Windows app. Jarrett S. Dodd, MD, Medical Director of Information Technology, Central Virginia Family Physicians Medical Group says, “The Suki Windows app lets our physicians work through all the other tasks that we face everyday outside of the patient encounter. It allows us a quick and accurate way to accomplish any task by voice that would have previously required typing, from sending instructions to my staff, dictating referral letters, answering emails, and more." 

Commands give users even more flexibility and personalization, allowing them to complete their tasks quickly and to their liking. Users can say a command like “Suki, insert my referral letter template” to quickly create a referral letter set up to their preferences, and just dictate the needed customizations to complete the letter. Or they can say “Suki, undo” to erase mistakes in dictation and simply speak the corrections. 

This is just the beginning for the Suki Windows app. We are already working on the next set of updates, and can’t wait to add more commands, features, and capabilities for our users. If you’re already a Suki Assistant user, download the latest version of the Windows app and give it a try. It’s included at no additional cost with your subscription. If you’re not currently using Suki Assistant, connect with our Sales team to see how much time it can save you.

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