October 21, 2019

The Suki team was at the FMX conference in Philadelphia for the first time ever, and we had a great time meeting many of the over 4,000 family physicians in attendance! In addition to exhibiting at the conference, we had several opportunities to share how the Suki digital assistant can help family medicine doctors spend less time on administrative tasks. 

First, our CEO Punit Soni participated in a fireside chat with Dr. Steven Waldren, the VP & Chief Medical Informatics Officer of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), about physician burnout, Suki’s participation in the AAFP Innovation Lab (a program that assesses technology solutions in order to improve the family medicine experience), and how AI and voice technology can help ease the burden of clinical documentation. It was a packed house and a lively discussion, with lots of questions from the audience about what Suki is and how it works. 

Later that day, Punit had the opportunity to be on the main stage to discuss the application of AI in reducing administrative burden and improving patient care, along with Dr. Lily Peng from Google and Dr. Waldren. It was a fascinating discussion of the progression of AI, its current applications in medicine, and its efficacy in diagnosing clinical conditions. It was extremely powerful to hear the audience enthusiastically applaud multiple times during the examples of how AI can help complete patient charts faster and create orders or retrieve test results with a simple voice command. It’s clear that the vast amounts of administrative work placed on family medicine doctors is overwhelming and they are excited to learn about solutions that can help. 

Finally, the last event was a presentation from Dr. John Abraham, a family physician practicing at Harvard Family Medicine in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Abraham is one of the first family medicine doctors to use Suki as part of the Innovation Lab initiative, and he shared his experience of how Suki helped reduce his time on documentation, improved the quality of his notes, and importantly, gave him more time to spend connecting with his patients as well as more time for himself and his family. Dr. Abraham rated his satisfaction with his overall practice at 6.5 (out of 10) before Suki to a 9.5 after using Suki, and his satisfaction with his documentation from a 4.5 before Suki to at 10 after using Suki. He says, “The anxiety of being rushed has significantly decreased. I feel more at ease during longer visits because I know I will be able to make up the time in most cases through quicker charting. Now, I finish up about 30 minutes after clinic is done, and after that 30 minutes I’m not typically taking anything home.” 

Besides these events, it was great to share and answer questions about Suki to clinicians from all over the US and the world - we met providers from 37 states, those employed at large health systems and those in private practice, and even met clinicians from Kazakhstan. We look forward to seeing everyone at FMX next year in Chicago!

Suki offers a risk free trial. If you’re interested in seeing how Suki can help you save time, connect with our team to get started.

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