February 11, 2022

When I was planning for the next chapter of my career, I wanted to apply my experience scaling companies towards a challenge that has broad societal impact. The more I looked, the more I realized that right now there is no bigger opportunity to make a meaningful difference than in health care.

There are a lot of challenges in health care, but a critical and central issue is the plight of the physician.  Doctor burnout has skyrocketed at alarming rates in recent years, partly because of Covid, but also in large part because of the massive administrative and documentation burden placed on them.  And it’s not just physicians who are frustrated.  Most of us, myself included, have had the experience of being in a doctor's office where it feels like the physician is forced to spend more time in front of a computer than understanding what brought us in for a visit in the first place.  Simply put, quality patient care is suffering as more and more non-clinical demands are placed on doctors. 

As I got to know Suki founder Punit and others on the leadership team, it became clear to me that Suki is truly differentiated in the market and has a passionate group of innovative leaders who really want to make a difference in health care. The team at Suki is obsessed with making physicians successful and happy, which means using advanced technology to deliver a seamless and assistive experience that improves workflows while also freeing up more time to focus on clinical care and overall physician well-being.

A key way to make all these improvements is to understand at a detailed level the administrative and logistical challenges doctors face in a clinical environment. In the Suki office, one of our most popular Slack channels shares anonymous real-time user feedback - both good and bad - and I’m inspired by the energy and passion of the team when they leverage doctor feedback towards improving the Suki experience. The more time I spent with the Suki team, the more I realized I found my next calling.

Now that I’m on board, I’m super excited to jump in and first help address a primary administration burden for doctors, which is patient documentation. That said, Suki’s voice-based digital assistant can be applied to tackle a variety of physician administrative tasks beyond documentation. Even better, Suki can power best-in-class voice experiences for other health care solutions through our proprietary voice platform, Suki Speech Platform (SSP). Either directly or through partners, the possibilities for using Suki’s technology to improve health care for doctors and patients are enormous. 
I couldn't be more excited to join Suki as President, and to embark on a great journey with our customers and partners. Let's get after it!

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