April 30, 2020

Voice-enabled digital clinical assistant and intuitive telehealth platform will empower high-quality virtual care 

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF and DALLAS, TX — April 30, 2020 — Today, Suki, the voice-enabled digital clinical assistant, and QliqSOFT, a leader in patient engagement and virtual care solutions, announced a strategic partnership to empower providers to deliver high-quality, seamless telemedicine. Together, QliqSOFT’s intuitive telemedicine platform will enable providers to offer high-quality virtual visits, while Suki allows them to focus on patients and complete clinical documentation accurately and efficiently. As more and more care shifts to virtual settings during the Covid-19 pandemic, integrating these two solutions will optimize telemedicine workflows for both provider and patient.

QliqSOFT offers a secure, app-less solution for providers to conduct virtual visits from their own device, streamlining the process for clinicians to deliver telemedicine. Powered by artificial intelligence, Suki uses natural language processing and machine learning to create clinically accurate medical notes and quickly completes administrative tasks such as retrieving patient information from the electronic health record (EHR). This bundled offering enables providers and healthcare organizations to quickly deploy telehealth at scale while meeting clinical documentation standards for care coordination and reimbursement.

“While many providers and patients may be new to virtual visits, telemedicine is essential to safely delivering care during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why we’re partnering with QliqSOFT to enable providers to offer a seamless virtual patient experience while making their own workflows just as intuitive and efficient,” said Jallel Harrati, Vice President of Sales at Suki. “We evaluate potential partners on several strategic criteria, including alignment with our mission to serve doctors so they can deliver the best possible care, the strength of the technology, and the ability to provide a great user experience. QliqSOFT more than met our expectations and we are thrilled to welcome them into our partnership ecosystem.”

Suki is used by physicians in health systems, medical groups, and clinics throughout the country across dozens of specialties and in thousands of patient interactions per week. Across its user base, Suki has lowered physicians’ average time per note by 76 percent and provides detailed clinical documentation that has been shown to decrease claims denial rates by up to 19 percent. At a time when many providers are experiencing a drop in patient volume and revenue, capturing complete, accurate documentation is critical to ensuring appropriate reimbursement for virtual visits. 

“As providers embrace virtual care, many for the first time, they’re looking for solutions that are designed with the overall experience in mind,” said  Krishna Kurapati, Founder and CEO of QliqSOFT. “Our Virtual Visits harmonizing with Suki’s digital assistant for clinical documentation creates an all-in-one solution for efficient patient interactions and reduces redundancy in provider workflows. That makes this partnership not only exciting but truly impactful to the clinicians we serve.”

QliqSOFT provides a real-time, secure, HIPAA compliant healthcare communication and virtual visits platform. The platform is the trusted patient engagement solution for over 1,000 health provider organizations across the country. QliqSOFT’s virtual visit solution, in concert with AI-driven chatbot technology, allows clinicians to initiate virtual visit requests with a secure SMS message or email, engage via video, exchange images and documents, and acquire electronic patient signatures on post-visit surveys to validate visit occurrence, all with no app to download, securely, and in real-time.

About Suki

Suki is a voice-enabled digital clinical assistant for doctors that lifts the burden of medical documentation and administrative tasks. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Suki creates clinically accurate medical notes and quickly completes administrative tasks such as retrieving patient information from the electronic health record (EHR). Suki understands physicians, adapting to their specialty, clinical setting, and speaking style, becoming more personalized as they use it. Used in dozens of specialties, including family medicine, gynecology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and cardiology, Suki has been shown to decrease claims denial rates by up to 19 percent by generating highly detailed clinical documentation 76 percent faster. Suki’s team includes technologists from Apple, Google, IBM Watson, and McKinsey, and physicians from the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford. Suki is backed by premier investors such as Venrock, First Round, Flare Capital Partners, Breyer Capital and Marc Benioff. To learn more, visit suki.ai, or follow us on AngelListFacebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About QliqSOFT

QliqSOFT is the leading provider of secure clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions for healthcare. From Qliq Secure Texting and the Quincy AI-driven chatbot platform to video conferencing through the Virtual Visit, over 1,400 hospitals, home health, and hospice organizations trust QliqSOFT to deliver HIPAA-compliant and real-time communication between doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients. To learn more, visit www.qliqsoft.com.





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