December 9, 2019

Agreement will provide Rx.Health customers access to AI-powered digital assistant for providers 

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and NEW YORK — December 9, 2019 — Today, Suki and Rx.Health announced a new partnership to address physician burnout through Rx.Health’s new digital therapeutics toolkit. The two companies announced at the NODE Health Digital Medicine Conference that Suki’s voice-enabled digital assistant will be the first solution available as part of this physician-focused resource designed to lift the burden of administrative tasks and help address the serious issue of physician burnout.

Rx.Health, born out of the Mount Sinai Innovation Center, is the first enterprise-wide platform that allows digital therapeutics and care plans to be prescribed from EHRs. Until now, the company has focused on digital solutions that are clinically proven to improve patient health, but its new digital therapeutics toolkit works to address an important, but often overlooked, issue of physician wellness.

“There is a huge unmet need to screen and address burnout not only among physicians but among all care providers and digital medicine can bring scalability to the solution. Since the reasons for burnout are multifactorial, we felt a comprehensive toolkit approach that combines best of class digital therapeutics and AI solutions under one umbrella, will be the best enterprise-wide approach,” said Ashish Atreja, Chief Innovation Officer in Medicine at Mount Sinai and Chief Strategy Officer of Rx.Health.

Burnout has become a well-documented issue across all providers. Recently, a report from the National Academy of Medicine found that as many as half of the country’s doctors and nurses experience substantial symptoms of burnout, with the rate as high as 60 percent among medical students and residents. The American Medical Association has found that high volumes of data entry and poor electronic health record (EHR) usability are key drivers of physician burnout. Burnout can lead to greater likelihood for medical errors, increased physician turnover, and costs to healthcare systems.

“As a leader in driving digital healthcare solutions, Rx.Health has understood the value that technology can have for closing gaps in care. We are excited to see them including physician wellness in their plan, and are proud that Suki is among the first solutions to be offered as part of this platform,” said Punit Soni, founder and CEO of Suki. “By leveraging cutting-edge AI and natural language processing, Suki will provide relief from hours of data entry and administrative work for Rx.Health’s provider customers.”

To integrate all digital assets in the toolkit seamlessly, Rx.Health will leverage its The RxStitchTM Navigation Programs that take disparate digital assets, including digital therapeutics, health content, and education materials, and integrate them into the care team’s journey, similar to what Rx.Health has achieved for patients’ care journeys across diseases and procedures. Next year, the toolkit will be expanded in partnerships with leading health systems, payers, and digital therapeutics companies to include a set of solutions and services across four pillars that address burnout, personal resilience, workplace team building exercises, and practice efficiencies.


About Rx.Health

Rx.Health is changing the way both patients and provider think about digital medicine. A spinoff from the Mount Sinai Health System, Rx.Health's flagship product, RxUniverse, is the first enterprise-wide Digital Medicine delivery system that enables physicians to prescribe evidence-based mobile health applications, multimedia education, wearables, online scheduling, remote monitoring, telemedicine and digital therapeutics to patients at the point of care. Information on Rx.Health and RxUniverse is available at http://Rx.Health and, or follow Rx.Health on Twitter @Rx_Health and LinkedIn at

About Suki

Suki is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant that lifts the administrative burden from doctors. Suki provides assistive, invisible support and gets smarter with use, learning the doctor’s preferences to quickly and accurately complete administrative tasks, from clinical notes to retrieving patient lab results. Using Suki is like having a resident in the exam room who knows how the doctor practices, and as a result, makes the work day easier. Used in dozens of specialties, including family practice, gynecology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, Suki reduces documentation time by an average of 76 percent. Suki was founded by Punit Soni, a former executive at Google and Flipkart, and its team includes technologists from Apple, Google, IBM Watson and McKinsey, and physicians from the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford. Suki is backed by investors such as Venrock, First Round, Social Capital, and Marc Benioff. To learn more, visit, or follow us on AngelListFacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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