October 19, 2023

The voice technology company is widening access and use cases for its solutions to further transform the clinician experience

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. — October 19, 2023 — Suki, the leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, announced today the expansion of its voice assistant’s capabilities to support inpatient care. This makes Suki the first and only AI-powered voice solution that is tailored specifically for clinicians in this setting and further solidifies the company as an innovative leader in the healthcare space. Deep integration with EHRs like Epic and Cerner has allowed Suki to support clinicians in a broad swath of settings including ambulatory, telehealth, skilled nursing facilities/home health, and now, inpatient.

Suki is an immediate standout in healthcare technology. By easing significant administrative and economic strains, it is pioneering a new era of healthcare that prioritizes the clinicians' needs thus resulting in improved patient outcomes. As an all-in-one solution, Suki incorporates multiple modes including ambient, dictation, and commands in order to offer unparalleled flexibility to complete administrative tasks. It also is the only solution on the market that integrates with all major EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Athena, Elation, and Meditech, and works on iOS, Android, web, Windows, Mac, and as a Chrome extension.

Its state-of-the-art generative AI has the ability to listen to clinician-patient exchanges in real-time and generate suggestions for a clinical note. Suki allows clinicians to pay full attention to their patients, and once notes are generated, they can easily accept, reject, and edit the content to ensure their accuracy. Additionally, Suki has launched the ability for ambient output to be more personalized to each user. By taking into account user preference and existing workflows, Suki is able to be assistive and invisible while requiring little to no training.

"Our vision at Suki has always been to transform healthcare through cutting-edge technology and intuitive design,” said Punit Soni, Suki CEO and Founder. “Clinicians who work in the hospital have been neglected when it comes to voice assistant solutions. We are proud to lead the charge in serving this important community and help them save time and mental energy so they can focus on their patients.”

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Suki is a leading technology company that provides AI voice solutions for healthcare. Its mission is to reimagine the healthcare technology stack, making it invisible and assistive to lift the administrative burden from clinicians. Its flagship product is Suki Assistant, an AI voice assistant that uses generative AI to automatically create clinical documentation by ambiently listening to patient-clinician conversations. Suki helps clinicians complete notes and other administrative tasks 72% faster on average and increases encounter volumes by 5%, generating incremental revenue. Suki also offers its proprietary voice platform, Suki Speech Platform (SSP), to partners who want to create a best-in-class voice experience for their solutions. SSP uses the latest in natural language processing and machine learning to provide industry-leading accuracy and natural and fast voice experience. Suki is backed by premier investors such as Venrock, First Round, Flare Capital Partners, March Capital, and Breyer Capital. To learn more, visit suki.ai, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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