May 5, 2021

At Suki we work hard, but we also have a lot of fun! As a company, we make an effort to come up with unique ways to build camaraderie and connect with each other, like company-wide team huddles and outdoor hikes. We believe this fosters happier team members, facilitates collaboration, and makes us a better performing team. Plus, who doesn’t like to have fun?!

Team Hikes 

At Suki, we make the effort to host regular opportunities for outdoor hiking adventures that any team member can sign up for. The hiking excursions are hosted by a different team member each time and vary in location, allowing for diverse landscapes (even urban hiking experiences) and accommodate where folks live. The hike culminates with an outdoor team lunch in a new location each time, making it so each experience is unique in its own way. It’s a fun, socially-distanced way to get some fresh air, get our steps in, and enjoy each other’s company!

Team Huddles

Several times a week, the entire company congregates for 15 minutes to share updates across different functions and teams. These brief shareouts help us stay updated on what’s happening across the company and build a deeper sense of community amongst employees, especially those who typically would not interact with one another regularly. It’s always great to see each other's faces for a few minutes and connect!

Virtual Dance Parties

Prior to our biweekly All Hands Meetings, we host a dance party so everyone can let loose before diving deep into our company announcements. To make it interesting, we ask for song submissions prior to each All Hands Meeting - it’s always fun to hear what song has been selected for the week!

Holiday Culture Initiatives

We have a diverse team and we make it a point to celebrate different cultures and backgrounds. We highlight a variety of holidays, sharing YouTube videos and articles explaining their history. We also have a Slack channel dedicated to company culture, creating an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion can flourish through comfort and connection.

Annual Company Offsite

At the end of the year, we all gather together offsite for several days of team building exercises and company wide bonding. We also take a look back at the year, what we’ve learned, and plan for the coming year. For the last few years, our offsite was in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Of course, 2020 was a bit different and we had to settle for a virtual offsite. Fingers crossed we can make it back to Tahoe this year!

Joining Suki means joining a family that works hard and plays hard. We truly believe in maintaining a healthy work life balance and having fun while we work together, whether it’s getting loose through virtual dance parties or deepening relationships during a company offsite. We are committed to fostering a workplace where our employees thrive. If you are interested in joining us, please check out our open positions.

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