April 28, 2021

Our vision is to make healthcare technology invisible and assistive, so doctors can focus on what they love, which is taking care of their patients. That’s why we are so honored every time a medical association chooses to partner with us - we see it as a vote of confidence in our AI Assistant’s ability to deliver meaningful value to the association’s membership.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has been working with us for some time, and we are thrilled that the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) recently selected Suki as their partner in AI digital assistants for physician use. 

We are the leader in voice-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) technology in health care, providing a solution for administrators and clinicians across many specialties. Our flagship product Suki AI Assistant uses natural language processing and machine learning to accurately complete clinical notes and retrieve patient information from the electronic medical record (EMR) system by listening to users’ simple voice commands. 

AAOS is the latest medical association to partner with Suki to offer its members the benefits of Suki AI Assistant. Our studies show that orthopaedists complete their note taking an average of 63% faster when using Suki. Designed specifically for doctors, our powerful tool requires no additional hardware, is easy to learn, and brings the joy back to medicine by letting doctors do what they set out to do - take care of patients. Dr. Michael Behr, Medical Director of OrthoAtlanta, says “The Suki AI Assistant effortlessly incorporated into our workflow. The learning curve is minimal, so there is no training, and because Suki uses existing devices, there was also no time or money spent on installing hardware. We have found the physicians’ assessments at our practice are more thorough and completed quicker. The Suki AI Assistant is saving each user an average of 45 minutes each day, which means we get more time with our patients and more time for ourselves. That’s critical to us. In addition, an analysis was done that showed Suki helped our physicians increase their patient encounters by 12% and reduced the percentage of claims denied because the notes were more detailed - this results in more revenue for our practice.” 

We are currently in Stage 2 of an ongoing pilot program with the AAFP. Interviews with physicians conducted after Stage 1 revealed several significant findings that benefited the participants: 62% decrease in documentation time per patient, 51% decrease in documentation time during clinic, 70% decrease in after-hours charting, and 84% improvement in satisfaction with the time needed to use EHRs for other administrative tasks. Dr. Jarrett Dodd, Medical Director of Information Technology at CVFP Medical Group says, “With the new E&M documentation requirements, it is more important than ever to be able to clearly communicate my medical decision making process. Suki makes that so much easier because I can dictate my thoughts much faster than I can type them. As a result, I am much more complete in what I include in those notes, instead of short cutting it to avoid having to type. It is now much easier to track my thought processes in my notes than when the majority of the note was a canned template from the EMR.”

The results from our partnerships have been compelling but moreover, it is the feedback from our users that they now have more time to spend with patients, family, or on hobbies that keep us going. We are committed to improving our product to ultimately be a true assistant - capable of anticipating and staging tasks for the physician’s review without being asked.

Please consider partnering with Suki to offer these benefits to your members. Our emphasis on lifting the administrative burden for physicians means doctors can bring the focus back to patient care. Find out more here.

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