November 17, 2022

As a talent acquisition leader at Suki, I regularly talk with candidates who have impressive skill sets, the kind that are sought after by the world’s biggest software companies. These people have many options for launching or growing their careers. So why choose Suki?

I believe the answer is simple. When you want to work in tech and make an impact in the world, there’s no better space to work than in healthcare technology. 

Healthcare touches everyone, as Josh’s family experienced when a regular 21-week ultrasound scan changed everything in an instant. And the field is overdue for innovation. More than other sectors, there’s plenty of room for talented folks to make their mark.

The shift to telehealth is just one of the signs of the industry’s digital transformation. But we still have a long way to go in using tech to support the humans who deliver care. It’s not enough to drive efficiencies in healthcare systems. We need to adopt tech built with providers’ needs and workflows at the forefront.

Case in point: The No. 1 cause of physician burnout is administrative tasks, and doctors are spending two hours on these tasks for every hour of patient care. The burnout crisis has triggered widespread individual and systemic issues, from divorce and substance use to shortages in the physician workforce.

After what providers have been through over the past few years, this problem is more urgent than ever before. And with an aging population, we can’t afford to lose the next generation of healthcare providers.

At Suki, we’re creating a real solution for burnout. Suki helps doctors streamline repetitive tasks so they can spend more time face-to-face with patients, leave work sooner, and be more available with their loved ones. The result: providers spend less time charting—and more time caring for patients and living their lives. In fact, doctors who use Suki spend an average of 76% less time on documentation.

Suki’s mission is bringing joy back to medicine. And our team is full of talented folks who are driven by that mission. I think of my colleague Mithun, who chose a career in healthcare technology after witnessing the hard work and sacrifices his parents made as physicians. There’s something incredibly powerful and motivating about the shared purpose. It carries us through long days, complex coding projects, and the inherent challenges of creating change in a huge industry.

Because our work is so important, it can be full of pressure, but also full of meaning. What we do makes a tangible difference. Every Sukini contributes to that mission, whether they’re in engineering, operations, sales, marketing, or any other function.

Suki is in it for the long haul, and we look for candidates who are, too. People come for the mission and stay for the growth opportunities. Sukinis get to tackle impactful work right away, so they can quickly take their careers to the next level.

When it comes to building and retaining a talented, driven team, our mission is our superpower. And if that mission speaks to you, we hope you’ll check out careers at Suki.

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