March 16, 2021

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. and ROCHESTER, NY — March 16, 2021 — Pandion Optimization Alliance, one of the oldest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) with a focus on health care, and Suki, the leader in voice AI technology for health care, today announced a partnership offering Suki’s AI-powered, voice enabled digital clinical assistant to Pandion’s more than 6,000 members. Pandion is one of the first GPOs to add digital health and health IT offerings to its catalogue, and is targeting highly-vetted, leading health tech companies with proven outcomes to establish partnerships. Suki AI Assistant will be the first tool available under this new digital health umbrella.

The leading solution to the well-documented issue of physician burnout, the Suki AI Assistant uses AI, natural language processing, and machine learning to help physicians create clinically accurate medical notes and quickly complete administrative tasks, such as retrieving patient information from the electronic medical record (EMR) system by simply speaking. Suki AI Assistant integrates with popular EMRs to drastically streamline these complicated workflows. Across its user base, which includes physicians working in dozens of specialties, the digital assistant has lowered physicians’ average time per note from more than 13 minutes to just over 3 minutes (76 percent).

“While digital health and health IT have been poised to revolutionize health care for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that trend and highlighted the value that technology can have for improving patient care and creating organizational efficiencies,” said Travis Heider, Pandion President & CEO. “At Pandion, our goal has always been to provide our members with the best available tools and resources, and adding tools like Suki will allow them to continue to be ahead of the curve. Suki helps providers and health systems save valuable time and capture key revenue, and we are thrilled to add this innovative solution to our offerings.”

Pandion provides personalized purchasing strategies that focus on achieving maximum savings on high-quality products and best-in-class pricing. At a time when many providers and health systems are still recovering from revenue losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Suki will offer Pandion members a solution proven to deliver both time and revenue savings. Particularly for practices and systems whose incentive structures are aligned with seeing more patients, Suki’s time savings are shown to increase patient volumes by 12 percent, equating to an additional $30,000 in annual revenue per physician. Additionally, an analysis of doctors who had been using Suki for at least one year revealed that the use of Suki resulted in a 19 percent reduction in the claims denial rate. Assuming a 50 percent collection rate, that translates to $18,000 additional revenue for each physician due to coding and documentation improvement.

“Suki’s best-in-class voice technology offers an innovative solution to the challenge of physician burnout, and we are proud of the success our digital clinical assistant has had in saving physicians time and allowing them to refocus on what’s most important—patient care,” said Punit Soni, CEO and Founder of Suki. “We are honored to be chosen as Pandion’s first health tech offering, and are excited to share our proven solution with its members.”

This new partnership comes on the heels of Pandion announcing a seed round investment in digital health marketplace Marché.


About Suki

Suki is the leader in voice technology for healthcare, providing AI-powered voice solutions for clinicians and administrators. Its mission is to reimagine healthcare technology, making it invisible and assistive to lift the administrative burden from physicians. Its flagship product is Suki AI Assistant, an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant that helps physicians complete documentation and other administrative tasks 76% faster on average. Suki also offers its proprietary voice platform, Suki Speech Service (S3), to partners who want to create a best-in-class voice experience for their solutions. S3 uses the latest in natural language processing and machine learning to provide industry-leading accuracy and natural and fast voice experience. Suki is backed by premier investors such as Venrock, First Round, Flare Capital Partners, and Breyer Capital. To learn more, visit, or follow us on AngelListFacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Pandion Optimization Alliance

Pandion is a pioneer in the Group Purchasing industry with over 6,000 members nationwide that represent a combined purchasing volume of over $62B. Bringing like-minded organizations together to leverage their collective strength and develop mutually beneficial relationships, its companies’ collective efforts focus on providing high quality care in the right setting at the right time and at the lowest possible price. Other business arms include Pandion Consulting and Pandion Sourcing & Purchasing, a group purchasing organization which is a niche regional purchasing group as well as a national purchasing offering as an owner of Premier Inc. For more information visit,





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