March 10, 2021

I am super excited to be here at Suki and I want to thank everyone for extending me a very warm welcome. I have been only here for a week and I already feel on top of the world. My expectations coming in were very high and I must say that I made the right choice based on the experiences of my first week! 

Why I decided to join Suki

Lots of folks, family, and friends have asked me why I decided to join Suki. My simple answer to them is that I loved everything (people/products/business/role) about Suki. 

People - I firmly believe that the success/failure of any organization is determined by its people. Happy and passionate people innovate and build awesome products that charm the customers. They also drive great culture. I got a chance to meet multiple people at the company as part of the interview process and was amazed by the level of passion and belief they had about Suki. Also, the team is founded and managed by successful veterans in the fields of technology and medicine.

Great Products - The Suki AI assistant is trying to solve a real problem faced by doctors around medical documentation and transcription by leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML and NLP. The level of accuracy achieved through the ML models is absolutely outstanding. I had a chance to see demos of the product while interviewing, and it looked absolutely amazing. I also read a bunch of customer testimonials and the customers just love the product. Given the high level of model accuracy achieved, Suki has been able to open the backend platform APIs as the Suki Speech Services voice platform for other partners in the healthcare domain. This enables many potential opportunities with partners trying to voice-enable their applications. The opportunities that lie ahead are also tremendous with a solid future product roadmap in place.

Healthcare Tech - The healthcare technology space is very interesting wherein multiple companies are creating major disruptions through digital technologies. Technological innovations are increasingly asserting their influence over the healthcare market. Usage of artificial intelligence techniques across a variety of healthcare applications is the #1 technological trend. Suki is really positioned well in helping automate administrative workflows. It has also been recognized for its innovation in multiple forums and is backed by great investors. The opportunities are basically boundless. 

Role - The executive team needs to have a great level of trust and belief in the person being hired for the site leader position. I was really excited and thankful for the role being offered to me. This role will allow me to build out the development center in Bangalore, India from the ground up, define the culture for the team in India aligned with the US team culture, and contribute critically in defining the engineering/product/business strategy. The India development center will be at the core of what we will build at Suki. We will hire great talent and drive innovation. 

First week at Suki

Starting at a new organization is really never easy, but folks here have made it very comfortable for me and extended me a warm welcome. Everyone has been so forthcoming in helping me out. I got a lot of in-depth information on our great products and customers who love them. A few other things have really stood out for me, which speak volumes of the great culture and people at Suki:

  • Passion - I have been amazed by the level of passion I have seen in everyone I have spoken to in the week. Everyone is so invested in Suki’s success and I truly enjoyed participating in some engaging discussions. 

  • Transparency - Suki has a tradition where a starter note gets created for any new person coming in, capturing his/her role and expectations. This starter note is visible to the entire company. Talk about transparency! I have never seen such a practice in my 20 years of experience. 

  • TGIF - Got to attend my first TGIF which is a company-wide meeting that happens every 2 weeks wherein Sales/ Product/ HR/ Board meeting updates are shared. I got to see and hear a great customer testimonial which reinforced my belief in Suki’s products. It was also great to hear kudos messages recognizing great work being done by various folks. 

The first week really lived up to my expectations and more. I am really happy and blessed to be part of the Suki team! We are currently hiring for the following roles as our first engineers in India. Please come, join us and be a part of this great journey.

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