November 30, 2020

Why should our doctors and nurses not get the same power of continuously improving products that we are used to from the leading consumer apps in our lives?

The Suki team is a small but powerful group of engineers, doctors, operators, who are all hyper-focused on our mission: helping doctors spend less time on administrative tasks so they can spend more time caring for patients. As a small team, we have the advantage of being able to move fast and I’m very proud of the slate of features we launched in just the last two months:

These features are a direct response to feedback our users have given us. Something we say often at Suki is “every pixel is in service of the doctor”. When our users tell us about how we can make Suki better, we work hard to make sure we can deliver the best possible experience as fast as we can.

Suki has evolved dramatically since it first became commercially available two years ago. At that time it was basically a simple dictation app. Now, it is a powerful digital assistant that can tackle a host of administrative tasks from documentation to diagnosis coding to information retrieval that operates with industry-leading accuracy and responsiveness. Not to mention Suki integrates with the most commonly used EMRs including Epic, Cerner, and Athena.

Our ability to hear our users’ needs, build intuitive features, and launch quickly is one of our superpowers and will be key to helping us accomplish our mission. I’m really proud of how far Suki has come and even more excited for the additional features we’ll be announcing over the next few weeks. 

The healthcare sector is used to a cadence of annual upgrades and modular features that customers have to pay more for to unlock. At Suki, we are committing to making the product better every single day, and all the upgrades are included in your subscription. Just like your phone gets new apps, Suki users get new features on a regular basis that add more functionality and power to the digital assistant.

For any doctor who wants to spend less time on administrative work, I hope you’ll take advantage of our risk free trial program and use Suki in your practice. Connect with our Sales team, give us a try, and let us know what you think.

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